K&CG Collection Catalogue

Preservation is one of the key aims of the Knitting & Crochet Guild (K&CG). The history of our crafts can only be maintained if we preserve what has been created in the past; the objects themselves as well as the methods and techniques used to create them. Our Collection provides inspiration for future projects, whether we are seeking to recreate an item from the past using modern yarns or find new ways of using forgotten techniques.


Contents of the Collection

Although the Guild was formed in 1978 it was not until 1990 that its Collection was started. In recent years, the Guild has collected material relating to domestic knitting and crochet in the UK. Work is ongoing to review and catalogue the material so that we can rationalise our holdings and make the Collection more widely accessible to members and others in the knitting and crochet community.

Briefly, the Collection consists of

Some items date from before 1900, although the majority is post-1945. It is probably the largest collection of domestically-produced knitted and crocheted textiles and related material in the UK.

Our Collections Team's selections

Our Collections Team has hand picked selections of items from the Collection with a common theme from the Collection to share with you.

The Coats-Patons Donation


Explore the items donated to the Knitting & Crochet Guild by Coats PLC in 2014.

Our 100 Objects Project

100 Objects project posters as one image

Explore our 100 Objects Project

Our reference library

We have a reference library of books and leaflets that are available for visitors to our Headquarters to read during their visit. You can see a list of the contents of the library in this catalogue.